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About Us

  Yangzhong HaoJia Abrasives Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in China specialized in production and sales of abrasives products.

  We mainly produces all kinds of abrasive products: diamond saw blade, cutting disc, flap disc,sandpaper,velcro discs,sanding belt and other abrasive products. Our company has international advanced production and testing equipment, and the leading technology to ensure the accuracy of product and the stability of product quality.The annual production capacity can reach 10 million. Our products are sold to Southeast Asia, Middle East and European markets.

  Over the past 15 years, We have invested a lot of money in technological transformation, process equipment and new product development. They have become one of the highest technology companies in the grinding industry, and also made the company develop rapidly. At the same time, the company has gradually established and perfected the after-sales service system while the scale of production and sales is growing.

  We believe that through our efforts, we will work together with our customers and friends to create a harmonious atmosphere for development and develop sincere cooperation to create business opportunities and develop together.



Contact: Alex Wei

Phone: 13094991227

Tel: 0511-88427797


Add: NanZi Road No.5,XinBa town,YangZhong City,Jiangsu Province

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